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Traditional All-In-One (AIO) desktops are an expensive proposition. Go to Dell or HP or even Apple, and you can expect to pay a minimum of $799 for a traditional AIO where the computer is literally built inside the monitor.

Aside from expense, though, traditional AIOs present the problem that if one component goes bad, you're pretty much stuck with nothing. The traditional AIOs are difficult to work on and are built entirely with proprietary parts - which drives up repair costs beyond the point where it makes sense to fix them once the manufacturer's 1-3yr warranty expires.

This is where TKOED comes in to provide a solution that won't break the bank, will hide all those same cables, and yet offers all the advantages of a traditional AIO design.

Of course, since it is a purchase from TKOED, you can expect the computer to include a
LIFETIME PARTS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - not only can you expect to save 50%+ on the front-end, but you'll never have to pay for parts after the warranty expires - as it DOES NOT expire - EVER!

If you have any interest in TKOED's AIO solution, kindly reach out to a Team EDU member at 877.219.6228 or by eMail at