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OptiPlex 390
2nd Gen Budget Blaster

  • Built for business: Enable your classrooms or an entire District with the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processor family.
  • Help IT save time and money: Benefit from long lifecycles, image stability, managed transitions and in-band remote system management.
  • Deploy virtually anywhere: Choose the form factor that best fits your needs or the Dell all-in-one stand solution to save desk space.
The OptiPlex 390, 790, and 990 are "siblings." They look identical, perform similarly, but vary ever-so-slightly in their capabilities. The differences are minimal, but depending on your needs, you may choose one versus another. Here are the slight differences:

Raid AvailableNoNoYes
Max Memory8GB16GB16GB
CPU Optionsi3/i5i3/i5/i7i3/i5/i7