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The TKO Trade-In Program

Do you have desktop and laptop computers that are old, not functioning well or at all, and costing you valuable district dollars that can be used to help educate your students? Do you have computers that are out of commission and being sent off to get recycled or maybe just stacked up in the back office?

TKOEDucation offers a Trade-in Program for your old or non-working computers or replace the ones that are well, not working great. Any computer, any condition - they just need to be complete.

For each unit you trade-in we will give you a $15 Trade-in credit towards any newly refurbished unit you purchase from TKOED. Trade-in any desktop or notebook for any of our newly refurbished desktop or notebook units! This does not have to be desktop for desktop or laptop for laptop but any one of yours for any one of ours.

You will get an outstanding value as all our computers go through rigorous testing and include an industry leading LIFETIME PARTS REPLACEMENT warranty. .

NOTE: This offer cannot be used with any other specials, discounts, or other offers.