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Common Core Compliancy - Where does TKOED fit?

There are two schools of thought where Common Core is concerned - Smarter Balanced and PARCC
. Each of these non-profit initiatives sets their own rules, their own guidelines and has their own requirements. As such, this has been a "moving target" with many, many changes.

Thus far, in both cases, though, with the purchase of optional headsets for our desktops and notebooks, and the purchase of the optional keyboard for our Spellbook tablet, TKOED's computer equipment has been fully Smarter Balanced and PARCC compliant.

We originally took the liberty of creating PDFs for each of the two Common Core schools of thought, but because this has been a bit of a "moving target," you might want to visit the specific websites for the program that pertains to your organization.

Check the Smarter Balanced and PARCC site for further details. They get touchy about us using their logos on our site.