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The TKOED "Better Than New" Warranty Program
In business since 1997, we believe that our process, our staff, and our company provides the very best equipment available. A World Class process deserves a world class warranty. As such, as of June 1st, 2015, we INCLUDING a LIFETIME PARTS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on desktops and notebooks, and up to 3-year coverage on select Chromebooks (some carry a same-as-new 1-year warranty or a better than new 2-year warranty plan).

To be clear - TKOED covers hardware. It is a parts replacement warranty. TKOED cannot guarantee that a rogue Microsoft or Google update (or AMD or Intel or nVidea, etc) update won't cause problems. If that does happen, we recommend reversing the update until there is a fix. Rest assured, we'll work with you to see if we can help with resolution, but our warranty is for the hardware that we supply.

That said, no matter how good our process or our people are, we are dealing with electronic components. Moving parts are typically where we expect to see parts failures; the optical drive no longer ejects the disk, or a power supply fan stops spinning, that sort of thing. In these cases, once the specific part is identified, we simply send you the replacement part. The part arrives in a few days. If you are uncertain of how to replace the part, simply ask for assistance.

Should a more difficult repair be required (such as the replacement of a motherboard on a notebook) - and you prefer not to do the replacement yourself - you can send the equipment back, and we will cover the labor and return freight expense all within a matter of a few days of receipt. We do ask that you keep at least one original box and the original packing material in this unlikely event as the equipment must arrive in good, physical condition.

What IS covered? Parts, parts, and all the parts (except "consumables") that fail under normal operating conditions - for as long as the original owner owns that equipment.
A few examples of a consumable would be a notebook or Chromebook battery or a toner/ink cartridge in a printer (although we don't offer a lifetime warranty on any printers anyhow).

Normal wear and tear is NOT part of what our warranty covers.

Hardware that fails as a result of a software update is NOT covered. Example - if an update renders your video card non-functional, you'll want to reverse the update that caused the issues, not ask for replacement video cards under warranty. If a Manufacturer stops providing updates, that is NOT considered hardware failure, and would NOT be covered under TKOED's warranty policy.

Batteries: Notebook & Chromebook batteries are considered a "consumable" item and carry a 6 month warranty on used/original batteries, and a 1 year warranty if they are brand new. For specifics of how we determine battery warranty eligibility, check our FAQ section (toward the bottom of the page).

Important items worth mentioning:
- Wear and tear is NOT covered. A keyboard where a key is missing or a mouse where the logo is worn clean - those sort of things are "wear and tear" not considered a warranty part.

2 - TKOED's Parts Replacement Warranty is NOT an "accidental damage" insurance policy. Liquid damage, abuse/neglect, or any damaged parts caused by accidental drops or even tampering are NOT covered under our warranty.

3 - Our warranty offers are NON-TRANSFERABLE. In other words, the original owner is the ONLY one that qualifies for support or warranty parts.

4 - This applies ONLY to clients inside the contiguous U.S.

5 - TKOED includes a parts replacement warranty NOT a depot repair warranty. If you require another type of warranty, please inquire with your salesperson BEFORE the sale.