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TRIAL Offer - The TKO Ed 30 Day "Test Drive"

Never done business with TKOED? Concerned about buying "used" equipment? Quite frankly, there are dozens of companies that report to be selling "refurbished" goods that do nothing more than wipe down the computer with a wet rag and apply minor cosmetic touch ups. TKOED, however, is not one of them. What some companies consider "refurbished," TKOED fails and tears down for scrap! TKOED has the highest quality standards in the refurbished industry. Our systems undergo a thorough testing process to ensure each unit will meet your expectations.

Still uncertain? Schools, School Districts, and non-profits can take a "test drive" on any of our computers - notebook or desktop. Here''s how simple our Test Drive is: Call us Toll Free at 877.219.6228 and tell us exactly what desktop computer you''d like to "try before you buy." Our salespeople will fax you a one-page document with the price of the unit you just selected, along with the cost of the freight to ship it to you. You simply sign it and fax it back. A few days later you receive your trial PC, exactly as you just ordered. Start using your computer, loading it up with whatever software you see fit. Then, at the end of the trial (up to 30 days), if you agree that the computer is everything we promised, you keep it and pay for it. If not - you return it. Our hope is that you fall in love with the value we provide and not only buy additional units from us, but you''ll refer other organizations and/or individuals to the TKOED program as a result. Call us TOLL FREE at 877.219.6228 to "test drive" a PC.

PLEASE NOTE: Our TRIAL offer allows schools, school districts and other non-profits to test-drive one computer (notebook, tablet, or desktop), but we do not currently offer a trial on other components such as a LCD or printer. We also do not allow end-users to take "test drives."