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Custom Configuration

Since 1997 TKOED has been providing K-12's with quality refurbished Dell computer systems. We
recognize the needs of our educational users, and after working with many of them for a decade or more, we understand the functionality tech directors and IT staff require from their school computers.

Generally speaking, we stock just a few models which seem to hit certain specification milestones and prices points. But that said, we do recognize the need to "have it your way" (or so the slogan goes). Rest assured, if you don't see something you like on our site and need it re-configured to match, we'll do everything within our power to match your requirement.

Believe it or not, many folks are under the impression they need computers equipped with the latest and greatest Intel processors and massive hard drives. The reality is that this is simply not true for most users. The vast majority of educational computers run very basic software - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, do e-mails and they browse the Internet, etc.
It is rare to find any software that requires even a Pentium 4 processor, let alone the latest Intel i7's (although there are exceptions). Check the side of the software box, you'll notice the manufacturer has provided you with the Minimum System Requirements to effectively run the program.

As an example - According to Microsoft, to install and use every feature of Microsoft Office 2013 (including Word, Excel, and Outlook, etc.), the minimum processor required is 1GHz, x86 or x64-bit processor, just 1GB of memory, and a a mere 3GB of available hard drive space. For the record, ALL OF OUR machines are far superior to these specifications and will flawlessly run any/all version of Microsoft Office.

Let TKOED help select the right computers for your situation. If we need to reconfigure a current model or even get an entirely different model for you, let us know. If it makes financial sense to do so, we can do it. Once we have a better understanding of what you would like to accomplish TKOED will work with you to select the computers you need to run your current software and give you enough "horsepower" to keep your technology relevant for years to come...

Contact: TeamEDU
Phone: (877) 219-6228