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Drive Imaging

TKOED has the ability to clone the hard drives of the computers (desktops OR notebooks) we sell you with all the software you are legally licensed to use... and we can do so at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Our FREE offer to you goes something like this: Upon receipt of a P.O. for 20 or more of our refurbished computers (with written instructions that you need "drive cloning" and that you are asking TKO to clone software that you are legally licensed to use), we will ship you one of the units that you purchased, along with our HDD MASTER RETURN KIT (i.e. a pre-addressed, pre-paid box with packing material and anti-static bag, etc).

Upon receipt of the single computer, you load it up exactly as you see fit - making sure all the appropriate software you need is loaded and all of the drivers are in their correct places. Then, you send it back to us in our package/box at our expense. When we get the drive, we will clone your master hard drive.

Our original sample will come exactly as indicated on our quote/your PO. If you choose to overwrite our drive and start fresh, just make sure that you have the appropriate license keys to allow you to activate the remaining cloned computers after you get the balance of the equipment from us - - - AND that you are licenses and legal for any other programs you put on your master.

IF you decide to SysPrep the master before sending it back to us, please tape a note to the drive so we don't "open it." Remember - we will simply CLONE whatever you have provided us with. We don't do updates or make any changes UNLESS discussed and agreed to in advance.

When in doubt about how you create your drive image, please contact us ( OR 877.219.6228. We'd sure hate for you to get a bad image on "X" number of machines.