Frequently Asked Technical Questions

Q: Who does Microsoft consider an "eligible recipient"?
A: Microsoft has defined "eligible recipients" as (in short), if you are a school, non-profit, library, or museum, you would qualify as an "eligible recipient" but just because you might not be one of the above, Microsoft does makes some exceptions (i.e. low-incoming housing, CTAP "Community Technology Access Programs", etc.).

Q: Where do I find my Product Key or Registration Key?
A: If you purchased the PC with an Operating system pre-installed, the product key can be found attached to the right side of our desktop computers, on top of our towers, or on the bottom of our laptops on a Microsoft COA sticker. If you are loading your own copy of Microsoft Windows you will find the product key somewhere with your original documentation or on the original Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity.

Q: I received the following message "Media Test Error- Check cable", what does this mean?
A: When you purchase a computer from TKOEDucation, we gave you the option of purchasing the computer with or without an Operating System. You will see this error if you purchased a computer without an operating system. To correct the problem, install your operating system.

Q: When I turn on my computer, the green light power button is lit but I have no video. Why?
A: We call this the "UPS" factor. When a PC is jostled during shipping, the processor may become "un-seated" from its slot on the system board. Simply open the cover, pull out and "re-seat" the processor and this should resolve your video problem.

Q: I ordered my system without an operating system (OS) and now that I have installed my OS, my modem does not work. How can I fix this problem?
A: This is a "bug" in the Windows operating system. You will need to do a software "reinstall" of the modem. Right click the "My Computer" icon, then select the "Device Manager Tab." Scroll down to the "modem," and select "Delete/Uninstall." Restart your PC, making sure that your "Drivers CD" is in your CD-ROM drive. After restarting, the system will inform you that it has "Found new hardware." It will then ask you where the driver is located. You should select the CD-Rom drive. The driver should install automatically. Once completed, you can verify that the modem has been installed by checking the Device Manager as discussed earlier. Your modem should work properly.

Q: My system powers up and my video works, but I have no sound. What do I do?
A: This problem usually occurs when the BIOS has been incorrectly configured. To correct this error you will need to restart your PC. After restarting, as the system is booting up, continually press the "F2 " key until the BIOS screen appears on your monitor. Press "Alt-P" (that means press and hold down the "Alt" key and then press the "P" key once). Now, press the "Tab" key until you reach the Sound field. Hit the "Space Bar" to set it to "ON." You then reboot your PC and the sound will be functioning properly.

Q: I ordered Windows but there is no Word program. Why is that?
A: Word is found in the Microsoft Office Suite not in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you need Microsoft Word, you can buy it from your local retail outlet (Best Buy, Staples, etc.,) or we can sell it to you at our reseller pricing. Alternatively, if you are looking for a "generic" word processing package, you can download OpenOffice.org for free by visiting www.OpenOffice.org.

Q: I have a Spellbook tablet and need to RESET it to factory settings. How do I do a factory reset?
A: There are occasions where you'll need to do a complete factory RESET/RESTORE on an Android device - much like you might have to do on your iPad, iPhone, or Smart Phone. A detailed instruction set is provided in the Spellbook section itself.

Q: I am contemplating buying a notebook, but am uncertain if I should buy with the original/used battery or a brand new (optional) battery. What are your thoughts?
A: We have a standard "rule of thumb" on this one. If the majority of the time, you plan to be ON THE PLUG, then you should be perfectly content with the original/used battery. If most of your usage is OFF THE PLUG, we recommend buying with the brand new, superior-grade batteries that we offer as an option.

Q: I see that you offer a 6 month warranty on the used batteries, but what kind of battery life can we expect?
A: We guarantee that the notebook battery that we included works correctly. We check the status of that in the BIOS before shipping. The thing is, we do not know how long of a charge each of these used batteries will hold, so we use the following guidelines to determine what is good, what is covered under warranty, and what is not.

We guarantee that your BIOS should report as "normal" for 6 months - as shown in the picture below.

If your battery shows either "Moderate" health (as shown below) or "Low" or even worse yet "Not Installed", and it falls within our warranty period (generally 6 months on used batteries), we will replace it as part of our warranty process.

Q: I purchased Chromebooks and am having a battery charging issue. What can I do?
A: Take a look at this video for starters: Fix battery issues on your Chromebook
This link is also very, very useful if the above doesn't correct your issue: BATTERY FIX