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"...those refurbished laptops are AWESOME. It looks like they just replaced the outer casing, so it looks brand new. Can't really tell they are refurbished unless you know what you are looking at. Seriously..GOOD company. I'm impressed and we are happy. Plus all (the) Lenovo's look the same so they can't tell its an older version.
-A. Kim

"I do appreciate the extra service. I tell everyone I talk to about where we buy computers and I hope some of the business comes your way."
-J. Hogan

"Hey Sean, hope you are having a good week. I began unpacking the 3 of the 6 Optiplex systems today. They look really great. Packaging is outstanding as well. Im really happy with the order. Thanks for all your help in ordering these units. You will be my Go To guy for PC systems."
-A. Guzman

"Jonathan, I got your voice mail regarding my impression of TKO as a vendor and I would recommend them wholeheartedly. They have been great on both the customer service end and the tech support end. They are committed to the quality machines that they sell and when there has been a problem they have solved it right away and without any hassles. We have ordered about 150 machines from them over the past year and only a couple have been a problem. The few that were, were taken care of right away. I feel the percentage is much better than some new machines that we have purchased in the past. If I can be of any other help, please let me know."
-R. Jacobs

"Thanks so much for being so quick on our warranty. What's not to say this would not have happened with a brand new machine? We are so happy with your product. We appreciate everything. We have over 50 machines so far and have had just 3 with problems. That's great!"
-S. Moczygemba

"All of the units that you have sent us are working great. Your response to the hard drive issue was greatly appreciated. We share your program with others."
-B. Jensen

"I trust you guys completely. I've never gotten such good advice and tech support as I have from TKO. I'll most likely pick up that laptop from you in a few weeks."
-G. Morgan

"Thank you! Thank you! I am going to tell everyone here at school to call you, and I am going to e-mail my friends with your web site. I can't believe how fast my new computer is. I love it."
-L. Stevens

"Thanks, Sean. I appreciate you expediting the delivery. It is nice to walk by the lab and see it filled with kids learning to type and do projects. Those systems are working well. Sure helps to buy used equipment when budgets are tight!"
-J. Becker

"The first 20 computers are working out great right now. Your responsiveness in repairing the few we had problem with increases my comfort point in having made a good choice. We will soon need another 10 machines. I look forward to your quote."
-C. Friedlander

"The computer my wife purchased from you back in July, crashed due to a glitch in AOL. The crash occurred while running AOL's "auto-fix program", and prevented our PC from accessing Windows after restarting. Upon calling AOL regarding this, they refused to help, claiming the problem "couldn't possibly be due to their software". Instead, they claimed it was a "Windows issue". Upon trying to call Dell Tech Support, and holding for nearly 2 hours, I decided to contact Symantec/Norton, since we had installed Norton Utilities on the system. However, on visiting their website, I could not find any help (and "Phone Consultations" were listed at $29.95!). Not being able to resolve the problem last night, I waited until tonight, after work, and called your toll-free number. Upon being transferred to Tech Support (with NO hold time), a very kind gentleman (I believe his name was John), carefully began walking me through the steps, and trying various things to repair the problem. While we were never able to completely remedy the original problem, John helped me reload my Windows 98 through the restore disk, and got our PC up and running again. It seems to me that in our current society, many people are quick to criticize any failure or downfall, yet seldom acknowledge the positive. I just wanted to take the time to thank you (and John) for providing EXCEPTIONAL and COURTEOUS service. I will not hesitate in the future to purchase from TKO again. TKO ED has surpassed my expectations."

Don Hicks author of "The Divinity Factor"

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