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The TKOED 5 Year Refresh Program ~ Guaranteed Buy Back

TKOED understands that schools keep their equipment longer than the standard 3yr warranty that Dell includes on new computers. TKOED INCLUDES a comprehensive Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty on ALL our desktops. We also understand that about 5 years is about the point where schools like to refresh their computer equipment, so we’re making it easy with our new 5-Year Refresh Program.

To understand how this program works, you need to understand how hardware prices have historically depreciated in the off-lease market space. A computer will depreciate in value roughly 35% over a 12 month period. That is – a computer that costs $200 in January will cost just $130 in December of that same year. Then, at the end of the 2nd year, this $130 computer has a $84 value, and so on – as noted in the example below:

$200 >> $130 (year 1) … $130 >> $84 (year 2) … $84 >> $55 (year 3) … $55 >> $36 (year 4) … $36 >> $23 (year 5)

At the end of the 5yrs, TKOED will offer to buy back that equipment at a guaranteed price based on the equation above LESS the cost of getting the equipment back to us. The catch is that there is no catch. As long as the equipment has all the original components, is in good cosmetic condition, and is still fully functional, the full price (less costs of the return) will be provided back to the school in the form of a credit to be applied to a new purchase.

This is available to those clients who purchased 100 units (or more) and who are looking for a "credit" for a new purchase of 100 units (or more). There are exceptions, but generally speaking, it only makes sense in volume.