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OptiPlex 790 Series OptiPlex 390 Series (2nd Gen CPUs)
OptiPlex 790
TKOED's Least
Expensive Desktop
OptiPlex 390
2nd Gen i5
Budget Blaster
OptiPlex 990 Series (2nd Gen CPUs) OptiPlex 7010 Series (3rd Gen CPUs)
OptiPlex 990
Best Performing
2nd Gen i5
OptiPlex 7010
3rd Gen Performance
OptiPlex 9020 Series (4th Gen CPUs) OptiPlex 7040 Series (6th Gen CPUs)
OptiPlex 9020
4th Gen Speedster
OptiPlex 7040 6th Gen i7 Processors
BRAND NEW - With Dell Warranty until April 2022!
All Optiplex Models
Whether you need one computer, a computer lab updated, or an entire district is in need of replacements, there is a Dell™ OptiPlex™ desktop that will fit your budget and hit your specification requirements. Offered in both Small Form Factor Desktops and Standard Desktops (but of which stand upright in a tower format), and with multiple performance options, OptiPlex offers easy management and security features for business-class control in networked environments.

Often times, OptiPlex are introduced three at a time. The 390, 790, and 990 are siblings. Each of these offer 2nd Gen processors, but different chipsets, and provide ever-so-slightly different features/functionality as a result.

The OptiPlex 7010 offer 3rd Gen processors and offer performance between the 2nd Gen (390,790,990) and the 4th Gen (9020).

The OptiPlex 9020 offer 4th Gen processors, and are currently our newest units.