Get Three Times the PC's With Your Existing Budget

TKOEDucation, a division of TKO Electronics Inc*, specializes in providing alternative computing solutions to K-12's across North America. Founded in 1997 our mission is to help schools, libraries, and non-profits save money on their technology purchases while providing outstanding technical support and customer service. Our professionally refurbished Dell Desktops and Notebooks include comprehensive warranties and can be customized to meet special requirements.  In mid 2013, TKOEDucation added custom-built Android tablets to our product line - designed specifically for the school market.  In addition to our extensive hardware line TKOEDucation also offers a variety of services including free product trials, free driving imaging, free technical support, and a "buy 30, get 2 free" offer.  Our unique combination of hardware and services allows TKOEDucation to develop custom hardware solutions which meet customer needs, maximize IT budgets, and lower the Total Cost of PC Ownership.

TKOEDucation is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with the highest possible ratings and is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) AND an Authorized Educational Reseller for Microsoft, insuring everything that you receive from TKOED is licensed and "above board."

*TKO Electronics, Inc is a privately held company in Westlake Village, California with locations in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida.