TKOEDucation's mission is to help schools, libraries, and non-profits save money on their technology purchases while providing outstanding service and support after the sale. Our mainstay has been in professionally refurbished Dell OptiPlex Desktops and Dell Latitude Notebooks, but we also provide Chromebooks and Tablets, Notebook charging carts, and any/all of the parts needed to fix any of the above. We include standard warranty plans that exceed that of brand new, yet we can shave 30-50% off the bottom line! We are somewhat specialized at the items we list on our site, but just because you may not see it, does not mean we can't assist with your purchase. In addition to our terrific hardware, TKOEDucation offers a variety of services that further enhance our program, including:

  • FREE HARD DRIVE IMAGING - No deployment time or customizations needed upon receipt
  • TEST DRIVE COMPUTER PROGRAM - the world's first
  • LEASING - Yep... we can do that too!
  • TRADE-IN PROGRAM - Get cash back for any computer - working or not!
  • 5-YEAR REFRESH - Get a discount on your 5yr old TKO computers
  • WARRANTY SUPPORT - Warranty parts ship within 24 hours.

Before your next technology purchase, give TKOEDucation a call. We can provide you with a low-cost solution without sacrifice. We're certain you find a place for all those savings, right? We look forward to hearing from you.

Call us TOLL FREE at 877.219.6228. Ask for "Team EDU" or send an eMail to TeamEDU@tkoelectronics.com

***With the purchase of an optional headset, our computers are Smarter Balanced and PARCC compliant.